can you make me to look like a supermodel?

While I have been a professional retoucher for many years and can make you look like a supermodel, my goal for your headshot is to make you look your best. But, in order for that to happen, it needs to actually look like you. 

less is more

In order to do that I refrain from deleting or covering up or distorting features or blurring skin with abandon. I do minimize things that distract from your eyes and your overall expression. I will delete a pimple or other temporary blemishes. But I won’t take away wrinkles and laugh lines that you worked hard to earn.

First impressions

Quite often, before meeting you in person, someone will have seen your headshot on social media or on your website or in your email signature. My goal with your headshot is for that person to recognize you when they are walking up to meet you for that first time. They might be surprised that you are shorter or taller than they expected, but I can’t help that. There should be no other surprises though. 

I will listen to your concerns about your appearance and we will have that conversation. But, my preference is to have you look like you and nobody else.